Out of the Fire Sponsors and Kickstarter Donors

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors who made this book happen! We are grateful to you and your dedication to the community!  Out of the Fire


Anonymous Donor – contributed a large donation and then offered to make up the difference if we fell short on the drive. Wonderful people! 

Angels Camp Museum

Calaveras Chronicle

Central Audubon Society

Ironstone Vineyards

Nancy Giddens

Manzanita Writers Press

Signal Service

$100 +

Donna Becker

Calaveras County Library, San Andreas

Constance Corcoran

Julia Costello

Jim Fletcher

Denella Kimura

Manzanita Writers Press

Little Owl’s Cyber Security

David Richter

John & Michele Rugo

Ann Roberts Seely

Sheri Smith

Union Democrat

Glenn Wasson


Denise Ancar and family

Stephen and Kathy archer

James Bailey – in memory of Jan Overstreet

Wayne Carlson

Katie Clark

Anne K. Cook & Will Mosgrove

Cathryne Darmer

Rebecca Fischer

Anne Forrest

Lou Gonzalez

Lara Grant

Karen Harper

Cheri Q. Holmes

Hotel Leger

Dave Houck

Robin Modlin

Renee Ramig

Cynthia Restivo

Joy C. Roberts

Jackie Rogers

Gary Rose

Gail Stark

Charleen Tyson

Volunteer Center, Calaveras County

Joy Willow

Allison Wright

Janice Zellers


Angels Market

Backcountry Pictures

Sy Baldwin

Kathleen Ball

Teresa Borden

Kevin Brady & Marta Johnson

Cliff Bennett

Jen Bruneel

Claudette Cervinka

Myrna Doering

Brent Duffin

Trish Frazier

June Augusta Gillam

Susan M. Harrison

David Katz

Jennifer La

Darcy Lambert

Glenna Larson

Anthony J. Marinelli

Shanda McGrew

Bob Middleton

Pam Mundale

Maryan Newbury

Rosalie Nicholson

Ray Pezzi

Laura Pintane

Debbie Ponte

Nitya Prema

Sharon Reyes

Frank Santos

Selma Sattin & Robert Baird

Dave Self

Tim Smith

Ann Williams