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Congratulations to Linda Toren

 Calaveras County Poet Laureate


Contact: calaveraspoet@gmail.com

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About the position:

The selection and announcement of the Calaveras County Poet Laureate is a process administered by the non-profit Friends of the Calaveras County Library.

The title of Poet Laureate is a time-honored tradition.  In 1668, England officially established the post as a royal office. In the 19th century some local Poet Laureates were recognized in their communities. In 1937 the U.S. created the position of National Poet Laureate. The position of California Poet Laureate was established as a part of the California Government Code in 2001 through AB 113.

The position of Calaveras County Poet Laureate, as established by Friends of the Calaveras County Library, will honor local outstanding poets, integrate poetry into the community, enrich the education of our young people, and enhance the County’s position as a cultural center.

Appointments will be for two-year terms. The honorary position is without salary although an annual stipend will be provided. Applications will be accepted March 1 through May 13. The poet must reside in Calaveras County.

Each application must contain:

  1. Cover letter from the applicant.
  2. Name and resume of the applicant with contact information, a website address (if applicable) and a statement of interest by the poet.
  3. Three to six poems by the poet.

The Poet Laureate’s named duties over the period of his/her appointment include:

  1. Presentations of his/her poetry at a Calaveras County Board of Supervisors meeting.
  2. Presentations at other appropriate public events, at least once each quarter for his/her term.
  3. Presentations at branch libraries in the county.
  4. Advocacy of poetry in the community, including, but not limited to, bringing poetry to school children, projects or programs that promote the appreciation of poetry, or poetry workshops with underserved populations in the community.

First Calaveras County Poet Laureate:

June 2020- May 2022 –

Conrad Levasseur

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Calaveras County Welcomes its new Poet Laureate!

Conrad Levasseur


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MEDIA RELEASE from Friends of the Calaveras County Library

July 2020

Conrad Levasseur from Murphys selected as first Poet Laureate for Calaveras County