Welcome to the Author Pages. Manzanita Writers Press is the publisher of the following fine authors’ books:  Visit the online bookstore to purchase books from these authors:

Judy CreightonCheese Loves Wine – released in 2023

Here is a link to Judy’s blog about cheese! CHEESELADY BLOG 

Michele Rugo – Farmers Market: Share the Joy – released in 2023 –Buy the Hardcover $22- and for $15 Buy the Paperback 

Douglas Alberts –Buy the paperbackLove Simply – released in 2023

Cate Culver – The Untold History of Sonora Pass and Its People – 1860-1960 – Released in 2020.

Thomas White – Soldier By Chance released in 2020.

Monika Rose – Bed Bumps

     Also available is her poetry collection, River by the Glass

Mary Anthony – Golden Chrysalis

Kevin Arnold – Sureness of Horses

Don Urbanus – Darn Weeds

Charlotte Gruendl – Part of Me

Stephen Finlay Archer – Irish Clans series of novels

James Fletcher – Mark Twain’s 88 Days in the Mother Lode

Glenn Wasson – Too Much to Swallow

Ted Laskin – Chance

Dave Self – Copper Dawn


Manzanita Writers Press supports the following regional authors and writers who are friends of the press:

Antoinette May

Sy Baldwin

Denella Kimura

Kathy Boyd Fellure

Author Interview Series – listen to taped interviews with over 40 authors in our region, presented by host Linda Field with her radio interview program, Manzanita Voices.