Welcome to the Author Pages. Manzanita Writers Press is the publisher of the following fine authors’ books:  Visit the online bookstore to purchase books from these authors:

Cate Culver – The Untold History of Sonora Pass and Its People – 1860-1960 – coming soon! August release!

Thomas White – Soldier By Chance coming soon! End of August!

Donna Nunes – Rhymes of the Rugged Road coming end of August!

Monika Rose

Mary Anthony

Kevin Arnold

Don Urbanus

Charlotte Gruendl

Stephen Finlay Archer

James Fletcher

Glenn Wasson

Ted Laskin

Dave Self



Manzanita Writers Press supports the following regional authors and writers by showcasing their books in the Manzanita Arts Emporium Bookstore and Gallery!

Getty Ambau

Scott Thomas Anderson

Amy Smith

Antoinette May

Monika Rose

Lucy Sanna

Sy Baldwin

Denella Kimura

Joy Willow

Cynthia Restivo

Shelley Muniz

Bob Smalling

Author Interview Series – listen to taped interviews with over 40 authors in our region, presented by host Linda Field with her radio interview program, Manzanita Voices.