Patty Payne

Patty Payne

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My passion is art and I have been an artist all my life.  I am always doing some kind of art.  Over the years I have used all art media.  Lately I have been painting oil on canvas and pen and inks. Although I have painted in many styles over the years, I consider myself an expressionist artist because I am attempting to depict not reality but rather the emotions  the object  arouses  in me.

I also love photography and I am one of the photographers at the animal shelter.  I photograph dogs hoping the photo will help them get a forever home.  When I photograph dogs I try to capture the personality of the dog.  I am an animal lover and love painting and photographing animals, but I also love photographing nature.  One of my favorite places to photograph is the desert habitat.

I have shown my art  in galleries, restaurants and private showings in our foothills,  Oakland  and Oregon.  I have won ribbons including best of show at art shows and the county fair.  I studied art under the expressionist artist James Harkins and also studied art and photography at Columbia and Laney College.

I have lived in beautiful Calaveras County for over 30 years.  I now reside in Sheep Ranch with my husband and two lovely dogs.







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