Thanks to Signal Service for their ongoing support for the arts at Manzanita Writers Press and online Manzanita Arts Emporium.

We could not function without their generous donation and ongoing support! 

Thank you to the Calaveras Community Foundation for generous support of the Voices of Wisdom free senior writing classes for Calaveras County seniors 55+ in 2018, and production of three anthologies from 2018 through 2020. https://calaverascommunityfoundation.org/about-ccf/

The Foundation has been instrumental in providing funding support to produce the anthologies that collect the “Voices of Wisdom” recollections, memories, histories, and memoir stories from the elders in our community.

The newest grant from the Calaveras Community Foundation awarded this year will help purchase equipment needed for interviewing, recording, editing, and archiving film and audio footage of elders in our California Humanities project. 

Thank you, Calaveras Community Foundation! 

logo for Calaveras Community Foundation with an oak tree

Thank you to California Humanities for their generous support of Voices of Wisdom free writing classes for seniors in 2019 in a Quick Grant, and currently, for 2022-2024, a project grant for capturing Oral History of the Elders in Gold Country. 

This project was made possible with support from California Humanities, a non-profit partner of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Visit www.calhum.org

Thank you, Ironstone Vineyards, for generous donations of your delectable wine for our literary and arts events and receptions over the years. You also donated wine for our last major dinner fundraiser in 2017, and again through 2020, for our ongoing artist and lecture receptions at the gallery. You hosted our Voice of Wisdom reading October 2020, with authors invited to share their books. Over the years, you have hosted some of our workshops, sold books in your store, and held readings and events that we organized. You also donated generously for our 2022 Gold Rush Writers Conference.

We appreciate the support the Kautz family continues to devote to the literary and visual arts! Our organization is so appreciative!

Thank you so much!

The Pickled Porch in Historic Downtown Angels Camp and owner Gretel Tiscornia, has supported our Voices of Wisdom free writing classes for seniors by providing a place for us to meet during Covid at her Pickle Patch in San Andreas, which have other owners now, but are continuing to be supportive. It’s right across from Gretel’s retail shop — called Mingo’s! Great gifts and clothing, cards, collectibles, soaps and jewelry, and more. Watch for author pop-ups at Pickled Porch. Meet authors and get books signed.

Calaveras Mini-Storage in San Andreas has supported us for years! We thank the owners for their generous donations and support!

The Volunteer Center of Calaveras County, in San Andreas, with Marti Crane and her fantastic board at the helm, has been instrumental in supporting us over the years. And now, we are housed at their facility! Thank you for your generous support!

Thank you to the following individuals who have helped fund our programs over the years:

Lilian Pardew, Otto Marks, Carrie Steffee, Diane Magid, Denella Kimura, Gary Rose, Stephen Archer, Glenn & Joanie Wasson, Ted Laskin, Suzanne Murphy, Dave Self, Jim Fletcher, Jack & Jackie Richmond, Joy Roberts, so many more supporters. Thank you all so much!

Out of the Fire Sponsors

Thank you, Donors!

$200 and above 

Anonymous donor — Calaveras County

Central Audubon Society

Nancy Giddens

Signal Service

$100 – 200

Jackie Rogers

Angels Camp Museum

Donna Becker

Constance Corcoran

Julia Costello

Jim Fletcher

Denella Kimura

Little Owl’s Cyber Security

David Richter

John & Michele Rugo

Ann Roberts Seely

Sheri Smith

Union Democrat

Ironstone Vineyards

Glenn Wasson

$50 to $100

Denise Ancar and family

Stephen and Kathy Archer

James Bailey – in memory of Jan Overstreet

Wayne Carlson

Katie Clark

Anne K. Cook & Will Mosgrove

Cathryne Darmer

Rebecca Fischer

Anne Forrest

Lou Gonzalez

Lara Grant

Karen Harper

Cheri Q. Holmes

Dave Houck

Robin Modlin

Renee Ramig

Cynthia Restivo

Joy C. Roberts

Jackie Rogers

Gary Rose

Gail Stark

Charleen Tyson

Joy Willow

Allison Wright

Janice Zellers

$25 to 50

Backcountry Pictures

Sy Baldwin

Kathleen Ball

Teresa Borden

Kevin Brady & Marta Johnson

Cliff Bennett

Jen Bruneel

Calaveras County Library

Claudette Cervinka

Myrna Doering

Brent Duffin

Trish Frazier

June Augusta Gillam

Susan M. Harrison

David Katz

Jennifer La

Darcy Lambert

Glenna Larson

Anthony J. Marinelli

Shanda McGrew

Bob Middleton

Pam Mundale

Maryan Newbury

Rosalie Nicholson

Ray Pezzi

Laura Pintane

Debbie Ponte

Nitya Prema

Sharon Reyes

Frank Santos

Selma Sattin & Robert Baird

Tim Smith

Volunteer Center of Calaveras County

Ann Williams

Wine, Cheese and Chocolate Sponsors


Anne McCrady, Inspiritry, California

Berta’s Beautiful Beads, Sutter Creek

Black Oak Casino, Tuolumne County

Calaveras Mini Storage, San Andreas

Camps Restaurant at Greenhorn Creek Resort, Angels Camp

Hein & Company, Jackson

Hotel Leger, Mokelumne Hill

Ironstone Vineyards, Murphys

Linda Field Editing Services, Sacramento

Mark Twain Medical Center, Dignity Health, San Andreas

Murphys Historic Hotel and Restaurant, Murphys

Mark Twain Medical Center, Dignity Health, San Andreas

Metzger Wines and produce, San Andreas

Nelson’s Columbia Candy Kitchen, Columbia

Rosebud’s Cafe and The Celtic Knot, Jackson

Sender’s Market, Mountain Ranch

Stevenot Winery, Murphys