Writers Group Protocol and Guidelines

Protocol for

Writers  Meetings

A few guidelines for meaningful and helpful critique sessions in meetings:


We are meeting on Zoom during Covid restrictions. Contact us for updates. Writers share 5 pages of a manuscript in progress. Readers take notes on the text and then share feedback.  The writer is asked to share the pages on the screen for viewing.  Previews of the work can be posted on the private, members-only,  Manzanita Writers NING online writing space.

It’s a seriously friendly group and we aim to keep it that way. Reviewers may prefer not to speak in feedback, as they choose.  If a listener/reader has any other comments that are not covered by anyone around the table after everyone has had a turn, then he/she can bring it up.

The work is read aloud by either the author or a designated volunteer or someone the author chooses.

The group members take turns in offering feedback, one by one. Writers sharing their work are not to defend or explain their writing being reviewed, or comment after the group members speak. They listen and may ask for clarification at the end of all reviews.

Reviewers: Please be sure to note any grammatical/spelling/usage errors in written form on the Ning, which is not necessary as discussion material and should be left out of oral feedback. The Ning is a great place to edit the work manually. The work shared visually helps in the reading. Writers are encouraged to post their work on the Manzanitawriterspress.ning.com site, of which they must be members (no charge). Contact manzanitawp@gmail.com for more information. A Mother Lode regional writing group. 

See you 1st and 3rd Monday nights from 6:30 to 9 pm,  by invitation to the Zoom session. Contact manzanitawp@gmail.com if you are interested. We may do breakout sessions if groups are large.

Service area:  70-mile radius of San Andreas, Calaveras County.

Don’t forget to contact us by email or phone and let us know if you cannot make it, especially if you are scheduled to bring work to read  manzanitawp@gmail.com   Give a couple of days notice, please, and notify us early if you were up to read and cannot make it, as we won’t always check email the time prior to meeting. Normally, we have anywhere from 6 to 10 people attend.

We use a NING interactive writing site online: The Manzanita Writers Press Ning site is an online closed membership group among MWP writers and those affiliated with the press for members to critique work in a shared space, post news and articles on craft, and more. Please remember it’s a private setting among the group members. There are about 68 writers who may view your comments. If you would like to join the Manzanita writers groups consisting of different genre groups, contact us at manzanitawp@gmail.com

The facilitator will invite you by email, if requested by you, so watch for the request to join the group. Keep your link and password handy somewhere.

When we return to live meetings, we will hold them at the Volunteer Center of Calaveras, 325 Lewis Avenue, San Andreas, CA 95249.

Looking forward to seeing you at the meetings!