Voices of Wisdom

Voices of Wisdom

Writing classes for seniors 55+ at Manzanita Arts Emporium in Angels Camp, continues through March, every Tuesday, from 2-4 pm. Address: 1211 S. Main St., Angels Camp, CA.  Let us know you are coming by — Phone: 209-728-6171. Email us at manzanitawp@gmail.com

All levels, beginners to advanced, are invited to learn some memoir craft tips, methods of dislodging stuck memories, and evocation of the senses in words. Even if you have never written before, or if you feel nervous about just starting out on your historic exploration of self and the area you live in, you are welcome. There are many in that same situation, but ut it’s a rewarding experience to record the stories of your life in the Mother Lode, foothills, other places and your origins, from wherever you stemmed from.  Come join the lively and kind group!  Call to reserve your spot and let us know you are coming. Bring a notebook or laptop or tablet, or just a pad of paper.





Voices of Wisdom


Voices of Wisdom – Free writing classes for Seniors 55+

Preserving the Memories of the Elders – Free Writing Classes for seniors 55+ — every week through end of March. The culmination of all the wonderful writing since August of 2017 will be a print and online anthology for Calaveras County.

Writing sessions continue on Tuesdays, with Monika Rose and Suzanne Murphy at Manzanita Arts Emporium, 2-4 pm in Angels Camp. Stimulate deep memory with a focus on inner landscapes, your sense of place, and your own place in history and herstory. Free. The focus is on hands-on writing activities and multi-sensory approaches in digging out those once lost or hidden memories. It’s the no-fear approach. Be bold and take the time to do this for yourself and for your friends and family, for generations coming after you. If memories aren’t recorded, they disappear. Leave a legacy behind and write your time and experience onto the page.

The free Voices of Wisdom Tuesday afternoon writing sessions last through end of March with more writing and final selections and peer and coach editing of the writing that came out of the sessions. Sign up for classes at 728-6171 and manzanitawp@gmail.com. It’s never too late.