Calaveras County Poet Laureate – Proclamation


WHEREAS, Poet Laureates have been a time-honored tradition:

WHEREAS, a Poet Laureate is a poet who is honored by being chosen for an official position to celebrate and share poetry;

WHEREAS, a Poet Laureate serves to integrate poetry in our communities through cultural and educational projects;

WHEREAS, Poets have long served as voices of inquiry and creativity;

WHEREAS, the position of Poet Laureate will be a two-year term;

WHEREAS, Calaveras County has many recognized poets who can serve the county;

WHEREAS, the Friends of the Calaveras County Library will serve as fiscal agents and provide a selection committee for Poet Laureate applicants;

WHEREAS, The Poet Laureate will not be considered an employee or independent contractor of Calaveras County and will continue individual pursuits;

WHEREAS, Calaveras County will join counties and cities across California in recognizing poetry as an asset to our community;

NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved that the Friends of the Calaveras County Library proclaim the recognition of Conrad Levasseur as the first Poet Laureate for Calaveras County beginning July 1, 2020.