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Danella Kimura

Hatch & Taylor Graham

Lucy Hackett

Rick Foster

Sunny Lockwood

Lucy Sanna

Straight Talk Storytellers

Durlynn Anema

Charlotte Mus

Monica Rose 1

Monika Rose 2

Kathy Boyd Fellure, John Clewett & Sarah Armstrong Gardener

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Manzanita Voices with Linda Field

Linda Field, former book editor with Manzanita Writer Press, hosted a radio talk show called Manzanita Voices on Jackson, CA based radio station KVGC, 1320 AM. These 2011-12 audio files are from this series. Please enjoy listening courtesy of Linda and Manzanita Writers Press.

Dick Tuttle

Jim Lanier

Craig Hadley

Kathie Isaac-Luke

Lou Gonzalez

Jen Tristano

Paul Stein

Sally Kaplan

Sande Tresize

Glenn Wasson

Antoinette May

Mara Feeney

Music Show 1

Music Show 2

Music Show 3


Writers Unlimeited


Writers Unlimited is a  gathering of authors who bring their work for peer feedback. The group was founded in 1984 by Monika Rose and has published five Manzanita volumes and an additional three Journal volumes. With the formation of Manzanita Writers Press in 2009, the Manzanita series and other books are now published by MWP, Manzanita Writers Press, a member of the Calaveras Arts Council Literary League.

Meeting Information

Morning Meeting Times:
Every 1st and 3rd Monday morning at 10 am

Evening Meeting Times:
Every 2nd and 4th Monday
6:30 until 9:30 pm

Manzanita Arts Emporium
1211 South Main Street
Angels Camp, CA 95223

Evening meetings: Snacks are brought and shared by the collective.  Bring your own bottled water or beverage, although cold water from an indoor fountain is available. You must email Monika ahead to let her know you are planning on coming as seating is limited.  Also, you should attend a couple of sessions before your work is approved for manuscript review. Longtime members receive priority for manuscript review. There is a manuscript and review protocol.  

Contact: Monika Rose, facilitator  
(209) 728-6171

Scott Thomas Anderson

Linda Abbott Trapp

John Clewett

Haloween Show

Zoe Keithley






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